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I tell everyone I was born in Chicago, even though my time there was very short-lived.  Snowflake, AZ is where my heritage resides and my future really began.  My elegant mother and rough-edged father lovingly tolerated myself and four younger brothers.  It didn’t always go as planned.  I married Debra and we were blessed with six children of our own.  Now they are all grown.  As their father, I am very proud of each of them.


I was born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Each life experience as re-emphasized  my gratitude for the guidance it provides.  I served a 2-year mission in Argentina.  Just as I found my sweetheart, I was wrapped into the Vietnam War.  As a 1st Lieutenant, serving on the front lines, I had a chance to question what was most important to me.  I worked in real estate for many years before feeling a push to write. 


“Love thy neighbor” was not a mere suggestion, but a commandment.  I can certainly relate with those who seem to be out of luck.  I am proud to say I have tried to do what I can to improve our legal system, both on a state and federal level.  Prison reform, judicial oversight, corruption protection and narcotics rehabilitation are areas I feel can be improved greatly.  A deeper understand of our laws has been a life’s work for me.

Best Sellers

The Vietnam Jungle Speaks

This illustrated book is a true and rare eye-witness account of what front-line combat was really like in the jungle of Vietnam.  Some called it search and destroy. In reality, it was more like expose and retaliate.  Written by a front- line Infantry Lieutenant who had a duty to keep as many of his men alive as possible. This book shows the ‘boots-on-the-ground’ perspective of real soldiers.   Relive history with the best non-fiction Vietnam War book written this decade!  

Joseph Part One

No man since Jesus Christ has generated more religious interest than Joseph Smith – the founder of Christ’s restored New Testament Church, who claimed he was called of God and ordained by divine messengers, including Peter, James and John, as directed by Jesus Christ.  On its face, this is astonishing information!  If God did give revelation, that means there is a God, and his message is vital for this world.      

The Road Back Home

The true story about a young man who fell down the slippery slope of drug abuse.  Joshua, the protagonist, was born into an average middle-class Mormon family.  He was gifted both scholastically and athletically.   No one would have ever guessed that this star athlete would get addicted to opioids.  Joshua’s battle with addiction ended with 3 bank robberies and a 57-year sentence.  Author George Papa met Joshua in prison, when he and his…


George M Papa’s books cover a wide range of interesting topics including, the Vietnam War, prison and sentancing reform, as well as the founding of the Mormon Church.

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All of my books have been written in the way I see them.  They include many photos to further illustrate the scene and significance.  The books are intended to be  seen as movies, and were originally written as manuscripts.  I have adapted them to a hybrid format, which preserves the concise style of a script with the flow of a novel.  It requires the reader to bring their own vision into the experience.  Read a few pages, I think you appreciate the added degree of personal imagination it encourages.

-George M. Papa

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