Author George M. Papa has currently copyrighted sixteen works and has outlined over a dozen more.  His original intent was to write epic motion picture screenplays because he determined that the power of his writing deserved the most dramatic conveyance possible to the audience with the full force of fluid and dramatic action complete with music, etc.

In an effort to expedite this ultimate medium, Mr. Papa has elected to first release his material as e-books, beginning with the first six that are now featured on this web site.  In their current form, these classics are presented as modified director’s cut scripts with fewer and shortened slug lines and all capitalizations for principal actors within scenes removed.  The result is a smoother read that more closely resembles prose. Since a picture is magically beyond words, Mr. Papa has inserted typically more than one hundred images with expanded captions to authentically illustrate the key segments of each book.

He begins with his tour in Vietnam as an Infantry First Lieutenant Platoon Leader in the jungle of Vietnam.  The only reason this book was written, some twenty years after his return from the war, was because he was so disappointed in the film called ‘Platoon’, which was the Oscar winning Academy Award Best Picture of the Year in 1987.  In the opinion of Mr. Papa, the truth about Vietnam was still largely unknown to the American public.  After writing this book, as brilliant as it is, he decided that many other far more important works needed to be done for the benefit of the whole world.

Of additional interest, Mr. Papa designs his own covers.  Further information about his background is found in the "About the Author" section of this web site.
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