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By George M Papa

The Road Back Home

The True Story of Joshua S.C. Rich

The true story about a young man who fell down the slippery slope of drug abuse.  Joshua, the protagonist, was born into an average middle-class Mormon family.  He was gifted both scholastically and athletically.   No one would have ever guessed that this star athlete would get addicted to opioids.  Joshua’s battle with addiction ended with 3 bank robberies and a 57-year sentence. 



George M. Papa

“Love thy neighbor” was not a mere suggestion, but a commandment.  I can certainly relate to those who feel like they have hit the brick wall and have no hope or any chance.

         I am proud I have made some improvements, which begins with knowing God and his ways, and thus extends to revamping our legal system, both on a state and federal level.

       Here is how it works.  God loves law and order.  Enormous work must still be done to accomplish narcotics rehabilitation, judicial oversight and finally prison reform.   Ponder the fact               that every year in the U.S. over 70,000 of God’s kids overdose and die.

       Not only do the mere warehouse jails and prisons need to be turned into gardens of preparation and hope but those who are on that AWOL trail must also be rescued and recovered too.

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Joseph Part One  

No man since Jesus Christ has generated more religious interest than Joseph Smith – the founder of Christ’s restored New Testament Church, who claimed he was called of God and ordained by divine messengers, including Peter, James and John, as directed by Jesus Christ.

The Vietnam Jungle Speaks

This illustrated book is a true and rare eye-witness account of what front-line combat was really like in the jungle of Vietnam.  Some called it search and destroy. In reality, it was more like expose and retaliate.  Written by a front- line Infantry Lieutenant.


The true story of one of North America’s most revered art icons, Charles Marion Russell.  In the late 1800’s, Charlie left home at age 15 to follow his dreams of the enchanted Wild West.  When he got to Montana he did not look back.  Charlie soon got a job as the night horse-herder for a…


My books show real people who lived the lives they were inspired to live.  I will be satisfied to just follow their example.


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Available Sept 1, 2020

The Road to Emmaus


 This small work is only 50 pages long and is strictly an introduction to the larger platform of religious books by author George M. Papa.   More like a pamphlet than a book, this work is chalked with current information regarding the aftermath of the restoration, which began in 1820.   More precisely, this book is a series of essays and commentary on a number of topics that the author feels would be of interest to a newcomer to religion.

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