Joseph, Part 1

Book cover of Joseph Smith Part 1. Founder of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints historical

Perhaps no man in the last two hundred years has attracted more religious opposition or devotion than Joseph Smith, all because he claimed he was called of God and ministered to by divine messengers to restore the lost Church which Christ had personally established in the days of the New Testament.  

Two Gifts of Jesus Christ

Book cover to The Two Gifts of Jesus Christ, Atonement, Resurrection, Second Coming, New Testament

Helping my fellow beings understand the ultimate plan of Jesus Christ brings me the most satisfaction.  There is a great deal He would like us to know.  This book communicates the information available to us now about his life and teachings.  My hope is that the doctrine of Christ will bless your life the way it has mine.

The Small Plates of Nephi


The book of Nephi comprises the first chapters of the Book of Mormon.  It explains how the Lord rescued his family from the destruction of Jeruselem and led them across the seas to the Americas.  Nephi wrote his most sacred experiences on metal plates to be preserved for our day.  This is intended to be the first of the series.


Cover of Micheangelo, Grandmaster of the Renaissance.

Michelangelo (1475–1564) did more than live in the heart of the Renaissance and the Reformation. In many ways he was the catalyst for it. Exposed here are the corrupt tactics of the powerful Titans of the day.  The mortal secrets and circumstances behind each of Michelangelo's masterpieces are described herein. 


Montana, As Lived and Painted by Charles Russell

There will never be another like Charlie Russell who lived it, told it and illustrated it with such zest and detail. God gifted Charlie’s right hand to put paint on canvas in such a way as to absolutely capture the ‘crux of the moment’ far better than any camera can do.  Here echoes these gems of circumstance through his own memories.  

The Conclusion

Cover to The Conclusion, Vietnam War autobiography, memoir

Living through the Vietnam War was a commanding experience in my life.  All of the key events of this retelling did happen, just as indicated.  This book takes you with me and my platoon on several ‘search and destroy’ missions through the triple canopy jungle just below the dividing line between North and South Vietnam, DMZ.

A note on writing format

All of my books have been written in the way I see them.  They include many photos to further illustrate the scene and significance.  The books are intended to be  seen as movies, and were originally written as manuscripts.  I have adapted them to a hybrid format, which preserves the concise style of a script with the flow of a novel.  It requires the reader to bring their own vision into the experience.  Read a few pages, I think you appreciate the added degree of personal imagination it encourages.